Microfiction: Sports

 Love of the Game  Being perfect is living in a moment with clear eyes and love in your heart. If you can do that, then you're perfect.  A Sooner  What is a Sooner? It's more than a word. It's more than a mascot.  It's a philosophy.  A culture.  A nation.  A Sooner is a champion, through Norman and far beyond.  A Sooner's cheer can be heard loud and strong.  Norman, our home where legends are honored and stars are born.  Adrian Peterson, Baker Mayfield, Sam Bradford, Steve Owens, Kyler Murray, Ed Harris, James Garner, Blake Griffin, Mark Shultz, Jon Gray, Garrett Richards.  All Sooners, all champions.  And so what is a Sooner?  We are Sooners, We are an army of champions.  Thousands strong. United powerful.  Bleeding crimson and cream.  Steadfast in our commitment to be great, never quit, to be champions.  To be..... Sooners

Reading Notes Part B-The Cock That Wished to Become Pope

 Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Frederick Crane (1885). The Cock That Wished to Become Pope This story was somewhat boring to read, but I thought it had a hidden message in it most would not see. In this tale a Cock decides he wants to become Pope. He journeys to Rome to accomplish this. Along the way he meets four different animals, a hen, a cat, and a weasel. They journey to Rome spending one night in a witches house until they are kicked out. At this point the weasel and cat decide the journey is not for them. The hen and cock continue to Rome eventually showing up to announce he will be Pope. At this point a sexton directs them into the sacristy, he locks them in. He caught them both twisted their necks and cooked them for dinner. Thats simply the story.  Though this may be a little dry and direct there is a message I feel most readers overlooked. Just because you think you can do something and have a crowd with you does not mean it is the best idea. Often times when many are invo

Reading Notes Part A- Water and Salt

  Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Frederick Crane (1885). Water and Salt When I first began to read this story I thought it would be much like other kings and daughter tales. Though this one took a very interesting turn. Within this Italian tale a king asks his three daughters how much they love him. One replies as much as her eyes, the next as much as her heart, and the last as much as water and salt. He was furious with the last daughters answer and ordered for her to be killed. Though her sisters spared her telling the executioners to kill a dog instead and bring back her clothes. They did this, but her father over the years felt guilty. During those years the daughter lived with a magician, where she found a prince to marry. The day before her wedding she agreed to kill the magician, which left her house covered in gold. The next day at her wedding her father was in attendance. She ordered everyone to have water and salt except her father. He would not eat without those two things.

Week 13 Story- Lunchtime Escape

 Lunchtime Escape There once was a young boy, around the age of seven who had the hardest time making friends. Everyday he would head to school yearning to meet a new classmate so they could play at lunch. Though sadly the boy’s classmates thought less of him and did everything to ignore him. This weighed on the young boy's heart, all he wanted was a companion.  After weeks of trying to make friends the boy finally gave up. That day instead of sitting alone at lunch he snuck into the woods behind the school. He found the animals and nature he saw intriguing. This became his new lunchtime escape. Everyday at lunch he would travel further and further into the woods. All until one day he stumbled upon a hidden door in a tree.  At first he was scared, but at second glance he realized it was just an ordinary door. He knew lunch would be ending soon, but he was so intrigued that he knocked. A boy about his same age answered. The boy was shocked, he could not believe what he was seeing. 

Reading Notes Part B- Elidore

  More Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs with illustrations by John D. Batten (1895). Elidore There was once a young boy who studied under Monks so that one day he could become a Monk himself. Though he was very poor at learning his ABC's and would forget all his studies. The Monks punished the boy every time he forgot something. He became feed up with these practices and ventured into the woods. There he discovered a land of sport and play. Upon permission from the King of the joyous land he would spend some time with the little people and some time with his mother. Though one day his mother encouraged him to steal a ball which she thought was made of gold. The boy followed her orders and took a ball. Though he was caught red handed, by two little men. From that point on he would never return to the land of play and sport. As the years past we eventually became a Monk. People from all over ventured to hear the stories of his time in this mysterious land. He missed that majestic

Reading Notes Part A Helig's Hollow

 The Welsh Fairy Book by W. Jenkyn Thomas with illustrations by Willy Pogány (1908). This tale focuses on Helig's daughter, Gwendud. She was very beautiful and loved by many, especially Snowdon, son of a baron. They loved each other tremendously but she would not marry him because he did not have a gold collar. Tathal, her suitor was determined to produce a gold collar. He worked it in a mischief snake like manner. He ended up stabbing one of the prisoners in the back and stealing his collar. Upon returning home he claimed they had been robbed by a group. She finally agreed to marry him, though tragedy struck at their feast. Flood waters began to slowly rise through the cellar. Moments later the seas rushed upon the land and everyone in attendance had to run for their lives. The next morning they awoke to the sun shinning upon where their hollow had been. It was no longer there, instead buried by the deep waters of the sea.  Photo provided by: Historic UK  https://www.historic-uk.c

Story Lab-Stories and Friends

 I am so glad I choose to do the Story Lab option for this week. The danger of a single story really spoke to me and with all the things going on in the world today. The author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie began reading at an early age though all the stories she read none had characters who looked liked her or lived a life similar to her. This is terrible for anyone living in the world today. Having the drive and motivation to read, but then hear there isn't anyone like you written about can break anyone. Why would anyone want to push forward and strive for the best life if they believe they will not be recognized? I think in any field wether it be sports, politics, pop culture, and even television if there is not someone similar to you in that field it is hard to imagine yourself there. For example, this next Vice President will be the first female to ever hold that office. It will also be the first time young women can imagine themself holding that office, it gives them a goal to wo